Foster & Partners

Foster+Partners was founded in London in 1967 by Sir Norman Foster (1935–), who graduated from Manchester University, School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1961 and took his Master’s in Architecture at Yale University in the United States. Foster+Partners is one of the leading architectural design offices in the world, and its project portfolio includes the Elephant House at Copenhagen Zoo, the Reichstag in Berlin, the Millennium Bridge in London and Hearst Tower in New York.
Foster + Partners is a global studio for sustainable architecture, urbanism, engineering and design. With offices across the world, the practice works as a single entity that is both ethnically and culturally diverse.

Foster + Partners was named the International Practice of the Year at the AJ100 awards ceremony in 2019.
With projects under construction in 62 cities all over the world and the opening of five international offices in 2018, this award reinforces the practice’s commitment to remaining a global practice.
One of the judges noted that “Foster + Partners has, with exceptional consistency, defined the highest standards of professional practice in a world of rapid and complex change. Operating as a synthetic and diverse design and research ecology, its work spans the honing of fine detail to the evolution of policies and tools.”